Coughing occurs in 4% of cases 7 to 9 months after infection and 6.5% of cases at 12 months. With the Omicron variant, persistent cough is reported in 2.9% of cases 3 months after primary infection. In some cases, it can become chronic. 

The causes of coughing include lung, vocal cord and acid reflux problems.

Changes to the voice are a possible, albeit rare, post-COVID symptom. They are typically associated with a cough, a runny nose or shortness of breath.

How is it treated ? 

Rehabilitation treatment through speech therapy or respiratory therapy is recommended for persistent coughing or uncontrollable coughing fits. Speech therapy is also indicated for post-COVID voice change.

Symptoms may fluctuate over time.

Breathing exercises can help to improve the management of coughing and loss of voice.