The following recordings have been developed by the RAFAEL team as resources for patients suffering from post-COVID symptoms and to help the population in better managing their symptoms in general. Pacing, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and Tai Chi are some of the therapies and methods that can improve well-being and manage post-COVID symptoms. This advice is based on a literature review and has been developed in collaboration with experts from each discipline.

This content is for information purposes only. It is important to discuss these therapies and the management of your symptoms with your doctor.

Please note that these recordings are currently only available in French. Thank you for your understanding.



Discover the different steps of pacing

Pacing videos



Find all the exercises about breathing.

Breathing exercises videos


Mindfulness and hypnosis

Discover the different exercises about mindfulness meditation and hypnosis.

Podcasts about meditation and hypnosis


Tai chi

Discover all the movements of Tai Chi

Tai Chi videos


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