Long Covid CH

A group of patients set up Long Covid Switzerland in Bern on 26 March 2021 to promote the recognition of long COVID as a disease, research into clinical treatments and the provision of support to those affected.
Email: info@longcovidch.info

Altea Long COVID Network Association

Altea‚Äôs aim is to promote networking and knowledge-sharing. People suffering from long COVID can find information about symptoms and treatment options on Altea. A directory of specialized clinics, doctors and treatment is available.  


Association ApresJ20

French association working to provide information, support patients and help construct suitable and consolidated care pathways with health actors and long COVID patients (#CovidLong, #AvecEtPourLesPatients).

Association Tous Partenaires COVID

French association that brings together COVID patients, their relatives, health and medical/social professionals, researchers and members of civil society. 
The spirit is one of energetic and non-polemical co-construction in order to help, inform, promote research, experiment, share practical tools for the management of long COVID and maintain links with institutions.   


Covid long, nous existons 

Post-COVID is the first Belgian association founded by COVID-19 patients to combat the long-term consequences of the virus.


Long Covid Europe

Long COVID Europe (LCE) is a European network of long-COVID patient organizations. It provides information to patients and helps them recover.
Email: contact@longcovideurope.org